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"Hey Boston.. .who's your Daddy? THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!!!

HIYA GUYS! I know, I know I totally suck for not writing in this thing in so long!But I wanted to let you know that I am still alive!Hahaha.lmfao.life is ok. College is eh... I dunno if I still want to major in Vocal Peformance... I'm really leaning towards Music Business but to do that I wanna go to Tennessee. We will see how that goes. Jacob and I aren't friends anymore... the whole thing kinda fizzled out.*cries*.BUT... Cory came home from school like 3 weeks ago and we hung out and it was amazing! I really wish that he wasn't 4 hours away cause I miss him so much. *sigh*.But that is a whole long story. I still <3 my job at Barnes and Noble and Johnny Rocket's is still ok. I miss you all and I <3 y'all so much!Comment and let me know how life is treating you! Oh and P.S THE YANKEES JUST KICKED BOSTON'S ASS!!!!!!
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Hey Brit. long time no talk. i was begining to wonder where you disappeared to. im glad life is treating you good. im doing great as well. nothing really exciting going on. but when you get some time off we should def meet up. we still havent done that. :D ttyl hugs

I am so upset they keep losing *sigh* But anyways I' m alright swing by my livejournal and read my latest entries please? I feel like no one ever reads my entries :( and it upsets me