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"Hey Boston.. .who's your Daddy? THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!!!

HIYA GUYS! I know, I know I totally suck for not writing in this thing in so long!But I wanted to let you know that I am still alive!Hahaha.lmfao.life is ok. College is eh... I dunno if I still want to major in Vocal Peformance... I'm really leaning towards Music Business but to do that I wanna go to Tennessee. We will see how that goes. Jacob and I aren't friends anymore... the whole thing kinda fizzled out.*cries*.BUT... Cory came home from school like 3 weeks ago and we hung out and it was amazing! I really wish that he wasn't 4 hours away cause I miss him so much. *sigh*.But that is a whole long story. I still <3 my job at Barnes and Noble and Johnny Rocket's is still ok. I miss you all and I <3 y'all so much!Comment and let me know how life is treating you! Oh and P.S THE YANKEES JUST KICKED BOSTON'S ASS!!!!!!
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