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"and every moment extends endlessly...."

Hey Hey! Wow,how I have missed writing in my lj. I miss all my friends and hearing what they have to say and what I can say to them. As for life,it just keeps going. It's weird to think that so much time has gone by.I think time changes us or maybe time is just an excuse we all use in our heads. I feel like I don't know some of my friends anymore. I have made a lot of friends, especially in the music department, but I don't feel like they're my real friends, like the ones I used to know.As for school, I still don't know what I am going to do about my major. I mean, I love singing, I can't imagine not having music in my life. But, all this theory shit is really getting to me. For those of you who have known me for a while, what can you see me doing? Work is ok. Johnny Rocket's is the same as always. I met all the CEO's of the company last week. Barnes and Noble is amazing but man oh man does it have it's days.I'm scurred for the holidays in retail. *runs away*. You know what I did yesterday? I ROCKED THE VOTE! I voted for the first time and it was such a good feeling. I mean I don't really agree with either of the candidates, but I voted for Bush,noone hate me please and thank you. I am going to see Gavin DeGraw and Michael Tolcher this weekend. Gen was supposed to go with me and now she can't. That makes me sad, it won't be the same w/out her.=(.My recital is in 6 days....I'm a lil' worried so we will have to see how that goes.Ooh and I met this real cute guy at work... his name is Chris and he is so cute... he's a total Robert Carmine lookalike and seems real nice. I hope he comes in again.Hehe.Halloween was crazy but fun times as always. I went as Catwoman and Gen went as Madonna.We got hit on guys work for the government...buhaha..it was insane!Hope everyone is well.Well I gottz 2 jett...
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