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WOW! I can't believe that November is halfway over already. Every year goes by faster and faster. The weather was beautiful today. I went to the Gavin Degraw/Michael Tolcher show in Jacksonville last weekend with my Hanson girls. I drove to Bekah's and spent the night friday night, then Ola came over Saturday morning and we headed to Gainesville to pick up "it's great to be a florida gator" Nancy. From UF we headed over to the venue in Jacksonville, we got there super early and we had front row. We made a bunch of new friends... most of whom were HANSON FANS! I had to tell so many people off cause they all kept trying to cut in front of us. But we're Hanson fans and we wanted front row and everyone knows not to fuck with us. We made friends with Michael Tolcher's band and Lefty referred to us as "y'all crazy fucking HANSON fans." hahaha.lmao. The show was incredible. Michael Tolcher is such a good performer and he sang to me. My friends were like "omg he was singing to you the whole time." haha.lmao.Gavin was too incredible for words as always. He sang to Hllary on the phone when he sang "let's get it on." After the show Gavin told me he liked my shirt and invited me to the bar with him. I was like "OMG! Gavin invited me to the bar!" Too bad I'm only 19 and can't get into bars. It didn't matter cause he didn't go anyways. muhahaha. I love going to a good show it's the best feeling. My recital went well. I will more later.Well I gottz 2 jett!
P.S. Go buy the Marc Broussard cd right now! it's so good!
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