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"I'm homesick, I'm carsick, and I'm music sick."

Hiya Guys! Well well I hope life is treating everyone well. Leave it to John Mayer to be able to sum up how I'm feeling. When I first heard "Home Life" I was all "music sick" how could you ever be music sick. But now I finally get it. I am really really burnt out on music right now. Not the music that I love listen to, like Hanson, Gav, the Beatles, etc. But the music theory and all the classical music that has been shoved down my throat for the last 4 months. I finally did it, I decided that I am longer going to be a music performance major. I withdrew from my theory and sight-singing classes and will just be a voice minor. Some people really cannot comprehend that I want to stop what I am doing with music, cause I have been doing it for so long. But enough on the music stuff.... wait.. before I forget my CHORUS CONCERT is December 7th at 7:00 pm in the SCC Auditorium... come and check it out!!!
Ok, now I am done with the music stuff for now.hehe. So exactly a year ago, I hung out with Cory and he made things complicated by kissing me. I'm sure that he is in town for Thanksgiving and I'll more than likely call him and we'll prolly hang out. I need to talk to him and get things sorted out and not get distracted by kissing him. haha. I'll keep updating on that situation and feel free to give me some advice. I have to work at Johnny Rocket's tonight and I don't wanna go. =(. Thanksgiving is tommorow, I hope everyone has a decent one. I hate Thanksgiving, my highlight however is when my Mom, Gen's Mom,Gen, and I all go down and help serve food at the Salvation Army. That always make me feel so much better about what I have and reminds me that I should be grateful. =). HAPPY EARLY TURKEY DAY!!!!
Well I gottz 2 jett!
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