*Britt*: (devinstheman318) wrote,

"It's been a long time comin..."

I am finally in the mood to write in this thing. My good old lj, I didn't forget about it, it just didn't appeal to me for a while. But I feel like writing and it feels like an old friend. =). Well 2005, hasn't been exactly what I have been expecting but then again, what ever really is? The year has felt more like a chore than anything else. It seems like work,school,work,school,voice lesson,homework, work,school, over and over again everyday. But the moments I love most in my life are the ones that are out of the ordinary.The ones when I laugh till I can't breathe,the ones when I feel liberated and free, the ones when you learn something, the ones when you experience something and all you want to do is stay in the moment forever <3 Here a few highlights of the year thus far....
-New Year's Eve (does that count)with Gen, Carissa and Monique... it was just lots of laughter and good time
-The Keane and Redwalls show at the HOB... the show was insanely amazing. The Redwalls blew my mind, they're majorly talented and cool as hell.For the record, Justin Baron of the Redwalls is my future boyfriend even if he doesn't know it yet ;)Everyone should check them out www.theredwalls.com (I think that's what the website is). Keane was so good, their talent is raw and their voices are pure. Both bands envisioned what a concert should be and made up for the Zutons being the middle act)
-Friday nights at the Alehouse
-Cosmic Bowling on numerous occasions
-Getting my i-pod =)
-My recital (it's so nervewracking but when it's over the feeling of relief is the best and it's also always a good thing to work on your performance abilities. haha.)\
-Eric Skelton show at the Showdust.... good times, good music,good people, need I say more?
-CCR concert at Mardi Gras!CCR= AMAZING!!!!
-finding out Zac Hanson and his g/f Kate got engaged, not a highlight but one that made me realize that we really are all growing up and one of my childhood dreams in gone forever. =(
-the yankee game today! it ruled! there will be pics and details coming later. I <3 Bubba!!!
But for now, me and my sunburned face and neck will leave you with a hot dave matthew lyric.... "Life is short, but sweet for certain, celebrate we will"
I will write more later.
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