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"It's your god forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved"

Hi Guys!!! Well here we go again... a short story of Britt's life. The Yankee game was the highlight of Spring Break. We went to see the Yankees play the Astros in Kissimmee and it was sooo much fun. I wish I could go back again. I can't wait till May 5th when Gen-Gen and I hit up Tampa Bay for a YANKEE GAME! But back to the game.. although my Derek wasn't playing... the game was amazing.We were only 8 rows back from the field and the weather ws beautiful.I kept sneaking past security to get pics of the guys in the dugout.I almost got arrested but it was worth just to piss off the old asshole security guy. I got real close to A-rod and was like "hey alex.. will you smile for me?". he just looked at me real quick and looked away laughing.but it's all good.. I think he thought it was funny.=). Out of all the guys that played, new and old, besides A-Rod,Jorge and Matsui... I <3 BUBBA CROSBY... NUMBER 19! He is my fave new player, besides being an awesome player he is super cute and he signed our balls. =).Be on the lookout for him this season.
I went to see Marc Broussard play on the 19th at Mardi Gras.Marc was amazing... I was really really surprised by his performance considering what he did when he opened for Gavin last year. He sang almost everything off Carencro and even some stuff that wasn't. The only bad part of the show was when this guy spilled his beer all over me and told me "I was a fucking bitch and needed to drink some beer" whatever. O.A.R fans are assholes.HAHAHA.
MAROON 5 was on the 26th. I LOVED EM! They played at this real weird venue,where rodeos normally are, so the stage setup was a little weird.lol. As for the show.... the Donnas opened and I thought they sucked. You know it's bad when you have to ask for applause.lol.MAROON 5 however was a whole different story. The guys were totally on from the time they walked on stage. Adam Levine's voice is amazing and cannot truly be captured on a studio album. The guys played some new stuff and it rocks!
The highlight of the show was when Adam had everyone sing and all you could hear were fans singing at the top of their lungs and glow sticks and lighters waving in the air. We tried to meet the guys after the show, but security kicked us out. We stalked from outside for a while.. hidden in the bushes... with my car lights turned off. hahaha. it was quite amusing.
By the way... I am even more in love with JASON MRAZ!!!! I saw him last weekend... we had front row. This hip-hop group, Arrested Development played and they were so much fun. They had everyone clapping, singing and dancing the whole time they were on. Then after getting hit in the face with mardi gras beads, during the bead frenzy... JASON came on!! He looked super cute in a jeans, chucks, and a long sleeved white shirt. He opened with "Curbside Prophet" and he played all my faves and 4 or 5 new songs, and they were all amazing.I loved his solo, this hippy hawaiian song called "I'm Your's". It's acoustic and I have never heard Jason so beautiful on anything.I suggest checking it out.
Also... it's offical. I am going to TULSA!!!! I'm going to see Hanson play at Mayfest and see the documentary at the h.net event. =). I'm SOOOOO EXCITED! Bekah,Ola,Katy,Nancy,Shanel,Erica,Rachel,Nancy's friend,and I are all going May 18-22!!!
YAYYYYYY!!!! School is out in less than a month and I cannot wait!! Who wants to hang out?How is life treating everyone? I miss you all! Sorry this post is so random and not put together. I just cannot focus.lol.Well my bed is calling me. I gottz 2 jett!
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