*Britt*: (devinstheman318) wrote,

"ridin' in seat number 3 on a flight to TULSA!!"

Heyyy Guys! Sorry for the lack of updates...as you know I am horrible about updating in my good ol' lj. Butttt.... I would like to write to say that at this time TOMMOROW I will be in TULSA, OKLAHOMA to see HANSON!!!! The Tolcher show was amazing as always. :).
The Yankee game and lunch with Bekah were wayyy fun. Even though the Yankees lost... that's ok though cause the boys are back on top of their game. :)Also, grades were posted and guess what? I passed math!!! that totally made my whole semester... so my gpa for the semester was a 3.7!!!! I am sooo psyched!!! Everyone have some good times and I will talk to you when I get back from Tulsa.... :). I loveee youuuuuuu!!!!!
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