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"there are certain people you keep coming back to"

My 9:30 class was canceled today and now I have an extra hour to do something and I find myself here in the school library typing out my thoughts. I have to say I am so glad that my class was canceled because I missed my bus this morning and I would have been 20 minutes late to class which would have royally pissed off my professor. So sometimes things really are a blessing in disguise. This morning I was so pissed that I missed my bus and then I saw a 3 car accident happen right in front of me.It was really bad this car smashed into the car in front of them full force and then the second car hit the car in front of them.I felt so horrible just sitting there knowing I could do nothing and one lady was just balling, another one had her necks to her neck and looked like she was in extreme pain and one of the guys gets out of his car screaming "this is bullshit" before even making sure that everything is ok. People suck.I still wish there was something I could do. Then on the bus this morning I noticed that everyone looked sad and I hate to say it but there is so much bad in the world, why can't things be good? I will never understand why people have everything and others have nothing.

My classes seem like they are going to be interesting this semester.I am not taking any science or math classes this semester *dances* which sucks only because I am going to be so far behind in my math classes. But I am too happy to not deal with it this semester. :)
Here is what I am taking...
-Western Civilization 1600's to Present
-Seminole Singers aka Chorus
-Contemporary Ethical Problems
-Renaissance/Baroque Humanities
what are y'all taking?

Things with Brett are going really well.I am not sure if we are officially dating or what... but I really really like him. He is just such a nice guy and the things that he says and the things that he does, he is just amazing. We talk almost every day and hang out almost as much.Here is a picture of us title or description
do we make a good couple? We both look like such nerds. hahaha. I love it.

I have been hanging out with Gen,Jenn, and Brian alot lately it has been good times.I do believe we are heading to Old Town with Amie and Katie on Thursday and I am pretty stoked :).

FF5 tommorow night at The Social!!Be there or be square it will be an awesome show!!

I think that is all I have to say for now, but there may be more later.

I hope life is being wonderful to y'all.

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