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"I'm not afraid of anything in this world, there's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't alread

I have decided that I am done with the misery party. Being negative all the time is not cool. Sorry that I have been so lame lately. But it's back to being me... at least as much of me as I can be.

My car is still not fixed and I don't have money to get a new one and won't anytime soon. I am getting used to walking,taking the bus and taking riding from all of you dolls who help me out. I will tell you one thing about public transportation you defintely see some characters. As for the walking well my thighs could use the workout.

Work still sucks. I hate that B&N are choosing to be ignorant, to only hear one side of the story, and it is making me not want to work for them anymore. As soon as I can get another job or a new car I am getting the hell outta there.

The Family Force 5 was last Wednesday in Ybor City. Gen, the Hanson girls and I all went, with the FF5 boys it's a guaranted good time. They put on 1 hell of a show, and they are such nice guys. Even if we had to sit thru 2 bands that we didn't like so much it was well worth it. We even have FF5 nicknames straight from the guys. hehe. but anyways.. check them out www.familyforce5.com and lemme know what you think.

Gen,Amie,Katie and I went to Grinchmas and Margitaville. It is always good times with those girls. We get along so well, it's almost crazy.

Work in the early am tommorow. Leave me some love. and I will write more later complete with FF5 pics and random fun stuff.

P.S Gen-Gen: I hope you're doing ok, if you need to talk, you know how to get ahold of me. and remember it wasn't say goodbye, it was see ya later.
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