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"and as the tears stream down your face..."

you know that feeling when you just want to leave and run away, get away from everything, because you don't feel like you can face it anymore. that is how I feel right now. maybe it's this place, the so-called "sunshine state" where it rains every day and it's gray and overcast. I just want to leave, sometimes I think there is nothing here for me. There is nothing more in the world that I would love to do, to escape, to get on a tour bus and go somewhere where no one knows me. I would like to spend the summer on the road with one of my favorite bands selling merch and helping run things. That would be one good fucking summer. There is one specific band I am thinking of and one boy who would make it even better. Who wants to make that happen?But really just any band I like woul suit me just fine. I wish...

Back to reality, I have to be up in 6 hours,to learn a bunch of shit that I am never going to use in my life. I just want to move to Nashville or somewhere else that will allow me to get a music business degree so that the school system can spit me out and let me get paid to listen to other people's music all day... I just want to do damn a&r.

I am also trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong with the B thing. I really thought we had potential, I thought we had something there. But as soon as it appears to be on track-bam!... something ran it off the road. I sure as hell am gonna miss him. There is no denying that I will spend too much time & effort overanalyzing what I did wrong and then cry too many tears. Sometimes I think even attempting to go for crushes, is just asking for diaster. at least in my case. hahaha.

Good news, though second interview at red lobster tommorow. I really hope I get the job. Wish me luck.

I noticed that everyone is going thru not so great times in their lives right now. Maybe it's the universe trying to tell us all something, maybe it's a coincidence, whatever it is. I love you all. you're amazing. just remember that we will all get thru it all. and when we do, we will supposedly look back and laugh.

However, for now I must run off to do my oh-so-exciting western civ hw. I know you're jealous.



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