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Britt... "this music is a place to hide"

I don't mean to be so strange...but my life just took a change

27 August
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This is the story of a girl named.... Britt... you can call her Penguin =)
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I claimed St.Louis at ac_claims
I claimed Zac Hanson at superstarclaims
I claimed Zac Hanson's oh-so-pinchable booty at claim_a_booty
I claimed Zac Hanson's little boy giggle at claim_a_giggle
I claimed Zac Hanson's heart at claim_a_heart
I claimed Zac Hanson's penis at claim_a_penis
I claimed Zac Hanson's lickable tongue at claim_a_tongue
I claimed Zac Hanson's arms at claim_arms
I claimed Zac Hanson's beautiful brown eyes at claim_eyes
I claimed Zac Hanson's gorgeous voice at claim_a_voice
I claimed the song "MMMBOP" by the lovely bros of HANSON at claim_a_song
I claimed the No Doubt song "Running" at claim_nd_songs
I claimed Gwen Stefani's 2000 red Galliano Grammy Dress and her sailor outfit from 2000 at claim_nd_stuff
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I stole these pics from Gen's homepage. Gen-Gen... if u want me to take 'em off k?!
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